Select Talent Program - FAQ


What is it?

The Select Talent program consists of a small number of candidates, usually grouped by skill set and geography (e.g. Java developers in Boston, CPA’s in Detroit, etc), whom we have recruited, screened and determined are excellent candidates. Just as your gut tells you when you’re interviewing a good candidate, our 25+ years of recruiting experience is finely tuned to identify the good ones!

Where do these candidates come from?

At Cloud Talent, we are laser-focused on successfully filling the searches we engage in with our clients. During that effort, we come across excellent candidates who do not fit the search. These candidates are typically passive, and we make them available in the appropriate Select Talent group.

If they’re so good, why don’t you go place them?

Because we do not take our eye off the ball. Our client relationships are critical and we are dedicated to satisfying our client searches and filling their needs. Have you ever engaged a recruiting firm and then felt like you lost their attention after a few weeks? More often than not, they found a strong candidate who didn’t fit your search and they’re now trying to place them elsewhere while you think they’re working on your positions.

Are these candidates someone else’s rejects?

Absolutely not! The vast majority of candidates we contact do not qualify for submission to our clients, nor to our Select Talent program. Only the ‘A’ candidates qualify! There are many reasons a quality candidate may not fit a search, including:

  • Out of commute range
  • Out of salary range
  • Candidate looking for something different
  • Travel requirements
  • Skill set mismatch 

And on and on…

So how does it work?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you a link to peruse the Select Talent group you’re interested in. You’ll find contact info, resume, salary, key skills, motivations, etc; everything you need for your staff to take the ball and run with it from there – scheduling interviews, closing, making offer, etc.

How much does this cost?

All fees in the Select Talent program are flat and communicated up front. Fees are contingent, so if you don’t find anyone you like, you pay nothing! Fees typically range from $4,000 to 7,000 per hire. Which, by the way, is very likely close to your current cost per hire! The difference is your recruiting staff is not spending time digging for qualified candidates – we are pointing you directly to excellent screened, passive candidates and providing all the pertinent info for your staff to activate and close quickly.

Contact us at to get started.