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Like all industries, the recruiting industry has been impacted over the last two decades by shifting market dynamics and technology. Many companies now have competent, experienced recruiting staff in-house and new technology pops up all the time claiming to automate and improve anything from sourcing candidates to reference checks to talent assessments and more. And yet hiring managers still struggle with their #1 priority – locating, hiring, and retaining strong talent in a timely fashion.

But the agency recruiting world really hasn’t changed.

At Cloud Talent, we offer a truly different approach, one that acts as an active partner to your in-house recruiting engine while offering all the expertise and service that comes with over 25 years of experience recruiting an immense variety of positions in numerous industries across North America.

And we do it for less. 

In fact, many of our clients hire top talent at, or close to, their company’s average cost per hire.

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